Alec was born in San Jose, CA and grew up listening to great Bay Area bands like Montrose, Journey, and Jefferson Airplane/Starship.  He started on violin before kindergarten but knew early on that he really wanted to play guitar when he would strum his violin.

He finally got a guitar for his 14th birthday and fell deeply in love with the instrument.  He started gigging in college, playing in bands with almost-clever names such as “Miss Directed” and “Rude Frenz”.  Most recently, he was playing with Denver-based band “Breaking Silence”.

Alec’s primary influences include David Gilmour, Randy Rhodes, Malcolm Young, and Mick Jones.  His playing is a cocktail of melody, funk, and aggression that reflects his diverse musical influences. He is currently developing material for a solo project with a working name of “Morgan Hill”.

Alec is an administrator on The Gear Page and can often be found posting in the Digital Gear and Live Sound/Recording sections there.